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Since 2003, Ephesians'  founder, Yvonne Valdez, has created all natural skincare products which are not only luxurious-they are also healthy and safe for all skin types. After many years of frustration as a consumer with a low tolerance for chemicals, Yvonne began to study aromatherapy and chemistry. Through her research, she learned that distinct combinations of high quality, all natural and chemical-free ingredients can provide a variety of beneficial effects, including the ability to remove toxins and pollution from the skin, provide nutrition, and protection from the environment. She also developed a special formulation which allowed the products to be stimulated by water, has multiple uses and lasts awhile before you run out, giving you healthy, stress-free skincare.

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We are passionate about creating innovative luxurious skincare products. We utilize only natural and organic ingredients to deliver the highest quality in skin care, providing you with immediate results and long-term healthy skin!  EPHESIANS BEAUTY products pamper you with luxury skincare without the use of chemicals. Our products contain carefully selected all natural and organic certified ingredients when available, that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and healing properties. It is our promise to never use fillers, chemicals or GMO's. These efforts reflect our mission to provide you with the highest quality skincare that's good for you too!


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Small Batches + Natural & Organic Ingredients

We want to be kind to you and your skin and that is why we put extra care and consideration into each and every product we make.  Each natural ingredient used is thoroughly researched, cruelty-free tested and certified organic when it is available.  We only work with small batches to deliver you the freshest products with the ingredients at their peak. 

EPHESIANS BEAUTY products never contain GMO's, chemicals that harm your body or fillers so you get the full benefits. Since our products are not adulterated, you only need a little to get the desired results. We promise to nourish your skin with high quality products that last you awhile before you run out. 

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Some of our Favorites

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Luscious Face & Body Wash

Wash away the day with this dreamy face and body wash leaving your skin fresh, clean and feeling silky smooth.


Extreme Cream

An ultra-rich cream that’s extra! Drench your skin and quench it with a super hydrating, water-activated cream & make-up remover that not only softens skin, hydrates, refines & firms.

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Shea Yes! Whipped Body Butter

Say yes to healthy skin! Shea, Avocado and Mango Butters blended with the key ingredients of our Extreme Cream to deeply moisturize & hydrate.